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John.. here is the short answer to your PM. I can't reply directly to your PM since i don't have 10 posts.. how ridiculous is that but so be it.

Nice setup on fuel capacity. 100 gallons of fuel onboard would be great. Iíve actually thought about doing the same thing as you but did not want to loose my water capacity as it's amazing how much water my girlfriend uses washing her hair and the last thing i want is to become the water or electricity nazi for that matter. With a water maker onboard your in good shape. What do you have for a watermaker? If you fill the tank up in the bow your going to ride bow down. Itís not that much by the looks of things, only a few inches but enough to make for a very wet ride with the added weight up there. Itís a really crappy ride when your going to weather in 15-20kts of wind and your deck will be totally awash when the wind hits 25kts. Also you will have water pool in the cockpit when it rains unless you have drains located forward as well as aft.

I went with Trojan 6V batteries. I believe they are the T-105ís. The taller ones donít fit in the battery box or I would have gone with those for the amp hrs. I have a group 30 starting battery mounted on the starboard side of the generator plus 4 of the Trojans. Currently looking for a place in the engine room for 2 more batteries. (think i found it but that is another long winded mail) Sure I can get by on what I have but this is my home and I like using refrigeration, blender, microwave, lights, fans and the extra amp hrs are beneficial.
My current setup for electrical is the following.

Charging: 100amp Balmar through 3 stage regulator. 5.5Kw genset powering a 2000W Heart Inverter/Charger. Kiss Wind Gen (added about a yr ago and love it). Everything is monitored through a Link 2000 which is a must have in my book. I run all four 6vís as one bank but have a switch where I can separate them into two banks but only do this when Iím plugged into shore power at a marina. The Group 30 12V is the starting battery and is taken in and out of the system with a on/off switch. In practice I just make sure the group 30 is fully charged and keep the switch off and start the engine with the house bank. It works for me but other would cringe at the idea of doing this. I also run my windless off the house bank but the engine is always started when that is happening so no biggie.

Here is a hot topic just like anchors. AGM batteries vs Ďothersí. If your plans are to coastal cruise in the states than I would go with AGMís. Less of a headache with maintenance. Sure you can mount them sideways, upside down blah blah blah. But it ain't no airplane so you purchase them for maintenance and longevity. If however your heading south of the border go with 6V or 12V lead acid. Shite happens with batteries and they need to be replaced, AGM or not. Just like when my battery charger went out and cooked two of my 6V Trojans. I was able to find another set of Trojans in Honduras with no problem. I donít think you can mix AGMís and Lead acid but I could be wrong.

Out of curiosity where are your water tanks located under the bunk? By the steering or forward of that which would be near the foot of the bed. Also approx how big is the tank in this area? The reason for asking is I was thinking about putting a flexible fuel tank somewhere in this area if the fabrication on a SS or Alum day tank turns into a major pain which i know it will.


ps... John... send me a pm if you like with an email and i reply to that. however wx permitting it's up to Belize end of next week dodging the tropical waves so not much email checking than.

psss.. MxSailor, I thought I had some projects in front of me but nothing compared to what's on your plate. I bet the inside is going to be beautiful when it's done. At one point I had the crazy idea of having all the paneling ripped out while in Honduras and replacing it with solid mahogony. let me know how your project comes along. I would love to see some pics of the progress.
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