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Re: How big a holding tank vs. camping

"I have often heard this but have a hard time believing it."
Heard what, (Off Topic comment deleted)

What's so hard to believe? Most regulations are poorly written and focused on one point. Regulations concerning the discharges from a vessel, are written to regulate the discharges from the vessel and the equipment on the vessel. The souls on board are part of neither, under the laws.

In fact, from the objective viewpoint of a topologist, a sailboat is very much like a donut. It is simply a torus (as the donut) but with multiple holes in it. Two-hole torus, three-hole torus...Still a torus. Now, apply that logically to the regulations, and you can have and use all kinds of aperatures "on" the boat, because if they penetrate the hull, they are not on the boat. They are simply more holes in the torus, and you are still on the outside of the torus, outside of the vessel, even if are belowdeck and pee through a urinal fitting. That's not "on" the boat, that's still on the outside of the torus.

As to the regulations...check the CFR. Its in their somewhere. No mention of toruses (tori?) though.

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