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Price fixing on new boats


You didn''t say what dealer/manufacturer it was. (inferring catalina ??, but who knows, it could have been anyone of the 3-4 big boat manufacturers) But it would have pissed me off too. I possibly would have tried to not let each dealer know, maybe you could go into one of the dealers on your fathers behalf and try and strike a better deal from one of the dealers without letting them know who you are. Its supply and demand and I don''t think the government thinks its price fixing if its for the same product from the same manufacturer. (Its like trying to by a Saturn, the price is pretty much fixed, but that eliminates the hassle of haggling) Its price fixing when separate manufacturers are in collusion.

Its what the market demands and can bear, and if they feel they can get a certain price and are not financially forced (e.g. dealer holding onto a boat over the winter and paying interest on it while its in stock), then they can ask what they think they can get. And with no due respect to a denr , he is naively wrong. That is *exactly* why owning a Catalina IS a winner, because of the demand for these boats and the value they will bring years down the road when/if you''d like to sell one.

Just as a ''for instance'' there has been some discussions recently on the Sailnet C36-List (right here) on Catalina Boat prices and how they have held up well over the years, with many selling for as much as when new . This is not only newer boats but C36''s from the 1980''s.

Here are some excerpts
We went shopping for a late model C36 in 2000. The price difference between a 2 to 3 year old boat and a brand new one was less than 10K at the time. We ended up buying new.

The C36 holds it''s value very well. At Sail Expo my dealer told me he''d give me what I had into our C36 to move up to a C42. Zero dollars lost! That''s a hell of a deal. He also said he''d have the boat sold before the end of the show! He figured he could flip the boat the same day at the show!



I had a similar situation... I was at boat show in MI finalizing arraignments for my dock for the summer when a broker in a booth next to the marina''s booth overheard me talking about a C36 (mine is an ''86). He asked me several questions (including the fact that I just had had it surveyed the year before with no problems) and offered me 10K more than I paid for it on the spot. I didn''t sell but it was nice to see that it is in demand!



If you have a hull number you can call Catalina and get a copy of the invoice. I have #592 and in 1986 it was ~56K. About what an ''86 sells for today give or take a little... part of the reason I bought a catalina!!


"I don''t know what they sold for new but I purchased a 1985 in great shape last year for $53K. The previous owner had it for 10 years and paid $55K for it. I placed a wanted ad on the C36 Association web site and the seller contacted me before he listed it with a broker, so there were no commissions involved. There are very few for sale in this area right now so I think the price would be considerably higher this year.

Bob Uehlein
Island Time C36TR #424
Charlevoix, MI"

(do a search in the C36 archives and they headings of the email strings are "Personal Property Tax")

And there are many more such stories, I know I can easily sell my C36 for what I bought it for 2 years ago (purchased without brokerage fees). That 10% buying and selling really takes a chuck out of the buyers/sellers pockets.

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