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Price fixing on new boats

ok duh-denr

Once again you ramble on with nothing but your own delusional hysteria. I''m sorry you only can write "trash" and you have no FACTS whatsoever. That''s nothing new. And I really don''t care if the original poster or anyone else buys a Catalina, I''m just stating some anecdotal evidence as to why buying a Catalina is not (as you stupidly say) like buying a lottery ticket. I am not "rushing to their defense" but setting people straight on your totally false misleading statements. If someone ever said that a Catalina was the ultimate blue-water boat , I''d be the first to say they are nuts, but I do believe that Catalina makes some excellent boats for a purpose and at a relatively good price. And I couldn''t be happier with the purchase of my C36, it is everything I expected and more. There is NO WAY I need to justify my great purchase . As far are making statements or discussions on this list, at least I am consistent and I only make comments about boats when I have the facts. What is it about you and the 3 big sailboat manufacturers? Did someone that owned these boats take your first born? Are you still angry about being laid off in the 70''s as a factory worker? Is it that other people actually live in houses, but it drives you crazy that you live in a trailer park and you think you deserve better in life? You love to contradict yourself a lot also (its understandable your arguments have no merit) one minute you tell a story about twelve sailors...and a Catalina (blah, blah blah) .... and then later say " you are not trashing the boat you are trashing me" Have you ever noticed other people think your comments are ridiculous and immature. (please get over the Sailkote you sounds like a kid in junior high school that just discovered girls). And please remember my first post was discussing prices of boats and price-fixing, not once did I say anything about you.

Forgetting what you want to believe about Dealers and pricing (and I have no real argument there,) the used boat market for Catalina (without a dealer involved) can be actually very good and those stories are true, not some made up BS like you like to spew. And these were not ''asking prices'' but sale prices. If anyone wants some individual email contacts of these people you can go to the archives and get them or I can get some for you. Not alot of hot air, just the truth.

So going back to the original posters question. Yes, that really is crappy what the dealers are doing, but its their prerogative and if you don''t like it, I think the best thing to do is make a statement with your checkbook AND let the dealers know.

oh....and one more thing duh-enr....its "Hear" not "here" and its "Anecdotal" not "antidotal"...(lol)
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