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jhulmer thank you for your post and very well written if I might add. An lesson for everyone.

Brings to mind an event that happen to me a few years ago. A bubby of mine and myself we moving our boats from here they were stored for the winter to the marina where we keep them for the season. The trip was uneventful.

The next morning I got an phone call and my friend asks if i can go to the marina to check his boat as when he left the night before he had more water in the bilge then usual. He was flying out on a bossiness trip. After work that day I stopped off to check his boat. I found 3 inches of water over the floor boards.

It had been raining for 2 days so I thought that he had an leak. Checked hatches, and all other deck openings. I didn't find a thing. Had to be his cockpit drains as the hoses run on the inside of the boat. I found no leaks there. I tasted the bilge water it was more fresh than salt so it had to be from the rain. With blinders on I pumped the boat and decided I would check in the morning. It is going to quit raining.

The next morning I find 6 inches of water over the floor boards. Not an good thing. I pumped the boat check all the thru hulls no leaks. I scratch my head and tell myself I will check after work things will be better. I check after work, 6 inches of water again. I call my buddy and tell him this is not good and I don't know where the water is coming in from.

On the third moring again I pumped out 6 inches of water. Again I check every thing I can see or find. No leaks, but i do not want to call my Friend and tell him I can not find the problem.

After work that day I am back on his boat for the third day in a row morning and nite. Open up the engine compartment again and see nothing on the first look. This is after i pumped another 6 inches of water. I run my hand under the engine as there was water pooling there. Guess where the speed log was only being held in by one turn on the nut.

Finally I got to call my friend with the good news and bad news. Yes i found his leak and the bad news was he was out of beer.

The moral of the story is tear the boat apart until you find the leak. and don't taste the bilge water I payed for it the next day
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