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Re: Legality of 2 strokes.

Originally Posted by Stumble View Post
The issue for the EPA is that car berated 2 strokes discharge a lot of crap into the water. Oil, unburned fuel soot, ect... On average they discharge about four times the amount that a four stroke does.

In this one while I hate the regulation I appreciate it. The EPA didn't say you couldn't use two strokes, just that if you did they had to meet certain discharge requirements. While this effectively eliminated all small two strokes it does allow manufacturers the ability to play with the technology if they can figure out a way to make them clean enough.
Right, like a double edged sword. We now have 4 stroke snowmobiles, jet skis,
and of course outboards, driven by emissions regulations. Out of the 10 off road motorcycles I had two were 4 strokes. I hated both of them, heavy for their power, and a killer to re-start if you dropped it.

However, 4 strokes don't smoke or smell much, that is about the only good thing about them. For the most part they are considerably heavier than comparable powered 2 strokes and, in my experience, harder to manually start than 2 strokes. It will be interesting to see if the industry continues to improve & lighten them or if they just say "what you see is what you get" ?

I hope it is the former.

Paul T
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