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sorry i thought i wrote it out better.
i did buy the proper Marine T Stat. yup its new & correct - many informed me that auto T stats are very different **& i agree that is easy to see}

i also tried it without the T Stat -

the pump brought a little water up to the end of the T stat housing but not enough pressure/flow to continue.

yup i replaced the hoses in hopes it might help.
& blew [by mouth pressure] to check for any blockages - (couldnt check through the pump as i didnt have a way to try that & thought that may not be a great idea to blow the wrong way thru it)

im sure guessing it needs an impeller -

but wow what a pain to even change hoses & tune up [arrgh]
i can only stand so much of the boat mech projects.

its near Seattle & im from North Idaho - so to work on it i drive over & sleep on it & crawl in & over it working on that wonderful piece of stuff every trip over there.
the sister is supposed to maintain stuff [its hers for over 10 years] but even maintaining battery fluids are neglected.
she keeps the teak oiled & anything inside thats pretty. while the rest sits unattended until im invited over.
nope i dont sail. she has not sailed it yet either.
it has been motored about marinas on occasion. but its main duty is floating temporary use as an apartment/hotel to visit.
yup its ready to sail but not motored because of the lack of cooling.

thats my next project to first be sure its the pump before i order a new one.
and then install it.

Then i will rebuild the old one & set it in there for a spare in case someone -
some day wants to sail (?)

im reasonably sure the RAW water pump has failed.
but hope to find an easy way of getting the cooling done.
thats my question about the FWC.
will the right FWC kit work without having to mess with the old RAW water pump?

im hoping the old pump can just be disconnected & the FWC system plumbed into the T stat housing & out the exhaust as the old RAW water went.
there is ample room to access the flywheel end of the engine its head & Exhaust manifold & im hoping room for the FWC holding tank on the wall right alongside for easy setup & use.
(yup im a lazyboy kind of guy) looking for the easy way to fix it & spend some more of the sisters $$ to fix a pump that could be replaced for around 200 - yup its only money -

[her money]
my knuckles

(& yes id like to have it done by someone else)
If only someone in the Puget Sound area might be interested in a dock call (?) Port Orchard (?) $$ (?)
i will meet them & open the gate & hand them tools and all with a smile

the block,head & exhaust manifold look to be in great shape. no water in the oil. no oil or water leaks in or around the engine. the bidge below the motor stays nice & clean when run at the dock
also when ive run it about the sound.
[nope i dont sail either] -only motor boats
(i dont even pretend to know how to sail) im a river boat person - im familiar with outboard jet boats & have run many hours/days with a couple out board jet units here at home but mostly on rivers in AK (yup i was a guide fer a bit)

im familiar with outboards -
but the A-4 is a simple & good design easy to see & understand,
but hard to fix in a close quartered sailboat hull. no room to crawl inside & a little too heavy/big to slide out into the cabin -
so it must be fixed in place in order to keep the pretty wood intact & the carpet nice & clean -
Very important stuff to the sister it being purty

*im 46 & the sister is -
[well gurls dont like the age known,
lets just say that she is a little older than i]
she tells me im the technical one & she is the pretty one - yup
thats accurate - ppl say she is pretty
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