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Hopefully I will be done by the end of the day, in the mean time, need to get a blower to an employee to clean up a home that was blower barked yesterday, then BF with my lovely spouse, then home. I'll see how much I have to help her in our yard vs running the 10 min to boat to put things together. I did get the hardware on the parts an dpieces in the garage last night. Being as it is only about 8:30am local time should be able to get done!

As far as current models in the Group Beneteau line. As I understand it, Beneteau itself is the Chevy version, with the first series being a bit more seaworthy vs the number series. Then Jeanneau. ALL boats will be SO's currently, with a new SF line coming out that will put Jeanneau more in line with Beneteau as far as a true race vs cruise line. Unlike in the past few years, where there was an SF version, with a race orientation keel, ie deeper, higher aspect sails etc, but the same hull. There is now a std SO with a performance model, that will be the equal of the old SF versions. Unfortunetly, excepting for the SO32iP, none of the performance models will have a cockpit traveler, they will all be cabin top mounted....grrrrrr........ Check out for the new rig, then look at the video of the just launched boat. Looks fast and cool! THen above this is the Waquiez line, ie more like a cadilac if you will, the beneteaus being a chevy, Jeanneau a Pontiac if you will.

Back in the 80's, Jeanneau was a bit ahead of time as far as what was stock availible, ie adjustible back stays, the aft head like on the Attalia and Arcadia. While they could race IOR, they do not have the IOR typical hull, more of a plain reasonable fast safe hull to sail. I do not remember whom designed the Attalia, but Tony Castro designed the Arcadia and following models, teh sundream and sunway 28's, all the same floorplan, hull for the most part, with a few differences. Then a 36 and 38' sugar scoop version was also a TC design. Sun something or other. not rememebering off the top of my head. That rig has won a number of ocean races. THen the arcadia dependig upon where it is campained, has won and done well racing too. Two division firsts at Swftsure out of Victoria BC, a true ocean race from Victoria to the swiftsure bouy at the mouth of the straight of jande fuca and the pacific and back. One has been the local either Victoria or vancouver yacht clubs #1 boat of all boats racing in that area back on 05. I do have to admit, I am not sure that the current models are as well built as say my 80's model. Some things probably better, other area's, not so sure. I feel the whether it is better or worst will depend upon what you are looking for in a boat.

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