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Re: Aries Wind Vane

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Just curious. Have had Fleming ( bulletproof), monitor and have used Hydrovane. Liked the Fleming the best. My impressions are:

servo pendulums are great and responsive but you get a bunch of lines in cockpit and it takes some fiddling around to get things just right. you have a s+s so tripping over lines may be a hassle.

Servos are great but unless you blow big bucks on the monitor add ons you don't get a emergency rudder function.

Have fairly fast boat with sugar scoop and midline swim steps. So for me any of the servos are not a great choice. So been looking at the hydrovane. Think for less money in the end get a lot more versatility.

?Do you have an AP. If so have you thought about just getting a spare ram and rudder indicator which in the end may be cheaper and also give you steering in light air, motoring and DDW. I am thinking of going that way and making a home made emergency tiller.

All good points. If I were installing a vane from scratch (my Aries was already on the boat) I would look long and hard at the auxiliary rudder style vanes. I've never used one, but the idea of having a backup rudder is attractive. Because they do all the work my understanding is their installation is more challenging. The benefit of the servos are they use the boat's rudder to steer, so they don't have to be as hefty.

Btw, my boat uses a tiller, not a wheel. The lines are therefore far aft and out of the way. I've sailed with a wheel using a Monitor vane. Worked fine, but the lines were more of a pita than with my boat.

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