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thanks for the good pics NOLA - ive the service manual for this A-4 & it has the open pump impeller pictured as yours is shown.
the vanes appear to be in the similar direction.
i wish the pump on this A 4 was easily seen - but its in a close quartered sail boat & yup it can be felt, but not seen.
ive gotten news from Don at moyer about the FWC kit still needing the old raw water pump in the system to pump raw water thru the cooling tank for adequate cooling to be achieved. So since i have to tackle the existing pump fix -

im going with the advice to stay with the raw water set up as its original & was working.
im just going to bite the bullet & take another trip over there & tackle the blind removal of that pump.

[I will try taking the impeller cover off first. but since it can not be seen that may not work out well enough.but i will try]

im a bit handicapped & have limited motor skills as a result of strokes [yup its a bummer] i can do it,but it just takes longer.
on a good note ive long arms to reach back there. but the large hands get in the way a little. yup whats a little skin & blood in the bilge (?) it will rinse out

the strainer is external on this boat (as far as i could find)
& i keep it clean & can blow by mouth thru the hoses to the pump.
& when i open the sea **** a nice flow comes up there.

im a bit concerned with the location of the external water strainer as its mounted (for easy access in the side boat box)
about even with the top of the engine block. so wat er must flow up from the sea **** - above the water line & then be pulled back down to the water pump.
that is the way it has been since she bought the boat around
the mid 90's & has been inspected as well as serviced by real boat professionals in the past.

im pretty sure it IS the impeller as this has never been replaced since she bought the boat. there is no signs of leakage or noise. so im hoping its only an impellor change.

If not - then i will order that new wonder MMI pump from moyer & have it nice & new.

* i might just order it before driving the 375 miles over to the boat.
a new pump installed & then take the old pump home to my shop for easy rebuild on my bench.

the boat isnt likely to be used for any real sailing as she has not sailed it yet in the time she has had it - we only motored between marinas to dock the floating apartment.

it is set up to sail with all the sails & rigging. but for some reason she dont sail.

i know i dont need to,so thats my excuse. ive only run rivers -
id not turn down an opportunity to go on a motor sailer -
but sail only is a little too limiting & small boats in the ocean do not inspire confidence in me as im unskilled & know nothing of sailing.
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