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Re: Why All the Absurd Circumnavigation Threads?

"but I want to see the actual data. It must be available."
Statistics are not kept of all events. Nor are statistics gathered, centralized, or standardized for all events. That applies to SAR, cellphone robberies, and drunks breaking their toes against toilets in the middle of the night, pretty much equally. (Really, ask at any hospital ER. Indoor plumbing and alcohol are a really dangerous mix!)

Consider if you will, the "simple" concept of examining USCG statistics for SAR missions. Ooops, that's already going to be a bad count, since there are National Guard SAR units on both coasts--such as the one that rescued Rebel Heart recently. That's not a USCG operation, that's a military SAR mission. Odds are, it wouldn't be part of the same statistics.

Little things like that (and how many of us even knew the US military had separate SAR operations on both coasts? Not to mention, various state police, harbor patrols, and other agencies?) tend to make statistics very misleading, unless someone has taken great care to standardize and centralize the data. Or, someone takes even greater care trying to compile it.

Then there are incidents like the seasick crew that got on a satphone and called in a USCG SAR--without the sailboat's owner/skipper even knowing about it. Is that a SAR? When the captain of the vessel is unaware of the call?

Someone might have the stats. You could try USSA and the USCG for leads, but you may have to roll up your sleeves. And then...well, would the Mexican Navy be operating off Baja? And the Bahamian Defense Force (let's not forget, the Cubans have also made rescues) on the other coast?

Roll up your sleeves, there's probably a magazine article to be written once you get done.
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