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How Low Can We Go? (hp)

My Int'l Folkboat has an outboard well and came with a 9.8hp 2-stroke engine that weighs 60 pounds. I hate that it drags in the water when I'm sailing, I almost never run it (and then only because I'm trying to keep it from getting gunked up), and I hate that slime and barnacles colonize while it sits in the water at the mooring. My options include;
1. deal with it - life involves imperfections.
2. fill in the well and mount it on a lifting motor bracket on the transom - apparently most of the European IF-boats do this.
3. cut out a groove in the transom so that I can tilt the engine up out of the way when I'm not using it
4. lift the engine up and out of the well when I'm not using it - leaving it on its side in the lazarette.
  • buy lifting straps for current engine and just be careful not to go overboard with the 60lbs
  • buy a lighter engine

The lighter engines would be a 3.5hp Tohatsu (40lbs), a 2.3hp Honda (30lbs), or a 5hp Lehr propane (50lbs). How low hp can we go - my boat should be around 4700 lbs, full keel (though the crane operator said it weighs 6500 which seems unlikely to me). I can probably beg a couple different sized little engines at the yacht club to try out - but with all the talk in other threads about propeller pitch I wonder if it would be a fair trial. Could the Honda (also aircooled, which is nice since the water-cooler on my current one has gotten clogged for the second time now), with a big and low pitch prop, move my boat adequately? Or at least the 3.5hp Tohatsu?

Important context - the boat's used for day-sailing though I'm hoping to do a couple of short overnights this summer too. I'm strong enough that I could lift the Tohatsu pretty well with one hand and still have a hand to hold on, the Lehr would be a little challenging, but the current 60lb engine is dicey to do with one hand, given the ergonomics. I would prefer to go engineless but for the possibility of a no-wind evening and have to work next day and because my mentors at the yacht club insist that I need an engine in case of a sudden squall that would require me to douse all sail and motor against the storm. I'm in Brooklyn. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.
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