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First time in cruising, in mexico, on a 20'''' sloop.

I''m stupid.

I know this. You dont have to tell me.
What I do want you to tell me is everything you wished someone had told you before you went.

Here''s my scenario.

The plan:

2 people. small boat, Sail to Turtle bay and back, maybe as far as Cabo.

The crew: I''ve got my basic keel and basic coastal crusing certs. I''ve spent a little time kicking it around the channel islands on Josie (my boat) and a bit more time on other peoples 30'' catalina and 38'' hunter. I''m bringing one friend with me, if any of my friends are stupid enough. I''ve had 3 definate yes''s, so I may have 1 person who meant it. I probibly dont want to do it alone, as I''m not realy comfortable docking single handed. The other person will have even less sailing experinece going into it than I do. That being said, the crowd I hang with rock climbs, mountineers, races motorcycles, and travels alot, so we''re all pretty level headed when stuff doesnt go right.

The timeline:
a month? 2 months? I dont know. we''re "unemployed" (ontractors) and can come up with some cash. BTW, when should we NOT go? suggestions are apreciated.

The budget:

Can this be done for under $2,000 a month for 2 people? under $1,000? "Comfortably"?What caught you guys off guard when you went? how much did you spend, and how much would you bring next time? What did you spend it on? Since I''m on a small boat, I''m going to want to do a hotel or hostel at least one or 2 nights when I''m down there, or at least have the option.

The Boat:

I''ve got a 20'' sloop thats awsome in light airs, but doesnt point. She "Sleeps 4" which means I may be able to bring 1 other close friend with me.

Right now the boat is sturdy, good hull, rigging, and sails (main (1 reef point), 100, 130, 150, storm jib, and storm trisail.) she''s got a 10 gallon water tank which I will be using for non drinking water, (and a couple 5 galon jugs I''ll be using for drinking water) and a little honda outbord for docking etc. Sometimes she can get up to a mind numbing 4 knots (and after a few hours of it, your mind realy does go numb too ) I''ve got a plow up front on 100 feet of cord and 10 feet of chain, and a cqr in the back with 100 feet of cord, and a sea anchor, and she only draws 3 feet. She''s got 800 lbs of lead in the leading edge of the keel, but I''m thinking about dropping about 300 lbs of chain or something else in the back of the keel to help keep her upright in stiff breezes.

I want to install a real head (as opposed to a nasty little chem toilet, a propane gimbled burner, and I''m going to just deal with a solar shower up on decks.

The bottom, sails, and rigging are all in great condition. I''ve got a vhf, gps, and am getting a decent pair of binoculars. (btw, anyone recomend a decent yet inexpensive set?)

I think we''re going to do a dummy check soon by bringing her to Catalina over a long weekend, which is enough night sailing and open water (from the channel islands) to see how people and the boat feels (ok, its not even close, but it''s about what can be done in a weekend.)

So... yes, I''m stupid. but it could be fun. let me know what I need to know that would make it alot less fun if I didnt know. After re-reading that last sentence, I think I''m going to stop now and go to bed.


-- James
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