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offshore sailing

SailorMitch and Denr,

I wasn''t as annoyed by Denr''s comment as my reply might make it seem. I value his comments in this forum when I can separate the wheat from the chaff. I fully admit that I have a lot less experience than most of you here and I appreciate all the good stuff I have learned from all of you.

Denr is entitled to his opinions. I don''t know whether he never gave the medical emergency factor any thought in his frst reply to my post, or if he''s truly prepared to let himself and/or his passengers die without calling for aid. That''s his choice.

As for me, I undertake a lot of risky activities (e.g. piloting small airplanes, skiing, riding my motorcycle, and disagreeing with my wife), and I recognize the risks and accept them. I don''t expect some entity will miraculously appear if I get into trouble (medical or otherwise) to save the day. That said, if my life or that of my crew could be saved by calling the Coast Guard, I expect I''ll do it.

And to get back to the original intent, I brought the "rescue vessel" into the topic to show how I view offshore sailing. Before I venture far offshore in my future sailing plans, MY personal goal is to have mastered some serious emergency medical training and have an appropriate kit aboard. Might never be needed, and might not help in any case, but I will have tried to be as self-sufficient as I believe Denr would rightfully have us all be.

My wife and I will be at the Annapolis show all day on Sun 13 Aug 02, staying the night and going home the next day. If you and/or Denr are available to meet for a beer or Pusser''s Painkiller (or whatever your pleasure), I''ll be happy to oblige. Drop me a line ( and we''ll see if it works out.

I don''t really have "a problem" with Denr, but I''m sure he respects my right to speak up and not cower in the corner with my piece of cheese.

Regards to you both.

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