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Smoke on the Water - Yanmar Question

We have a Yanmar 3 Cyclinder Diesel in our Sailboat. Can't recall the exact model, but it is FWC.

Normally we just use it to get in and out of the harbor, about 20 minutes for each run. I let the engine warm up (idle) for about 5 minutes before taking off from the mooring and a few minutes before putting it in gear to return home. We normally run it around 1800 to 2000 rpm on the motor out and in. When we return and latch on to the mooring, we let it idle for a few minutes to cool the motor down before shutting her down.

This weekend, the winds were strong and were blowing boats in all directions on the mooring field. Normally, my wife parks the boat right on top of the mooring with no problem on the first shot while I fetch the PU Buoy. This week we missed the PU Buoy for the first time by a few feet because just as I went for the buoy, a strong gust blew the bow away from the mooring just outside of my reach.

To regain steerage, she put a decent amount of throttle to start the circle turn to bring us back. As soon as she put a lot of throttle to it, lot's of white smoke came out of the exhaust. I have never seen this much before, but then again we've never missed the mooring and needed to almost fully gun it to regain control. Like I said, we don't run the engine for long, so maybe it was just some built up junk.

Once on the mooring, I put it in neutral again and ramped up the engine to see if smoke continued, but nothing. I hoping it was just blowing out some soot. At least it wasn't blue smoke.

Bottom line, should I be concerned? Plenty of clean oil, fuel is clean, and engine doesn't overheat, belts look good, only 500 h on motor.

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