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What is the difference between a coastal crusier and a bay b

Hi Jeff,
I love these debates on underbodys.To me it''s determines what the boat should be used for.
First of all,I dont think there are many ex. ballasted(lets call them EB and IB ok?) boats that will survive a four or better kt. colision.
Do you consider Sabre a well designed yacht?I would hope you do,because they are.Now my friend has a Sabre thirty-eight with
,of coarse, an EB keel
When he bought the boat in ninety seven I had to repair the stringers in the foward part of the bildge(BTW EB boats don''t have much bildge either).Three out of five of them were broken and the dent in the leading edge of the keel looked like three or four kts.The same friend was lust telling about a C and C forty three or four that had hit something and you could put your hand through the hole/crack at leading edge fillet.That boat came extremely close to being lost.I''ve never seen or heard of this happening with a IB keel.The keel is integral.The shock is more evenly dispersed.
Last June when I hauled out because I was going over the road tracter trailer,the wind was N/E @ fifteen to twenty.I had to load on to the trailer heading west with that wind on my stbd qtr. Down wind there is about thirty more feet of room,so, don''t screw up! The driver did not have the drop down through the trailer holes,he had a straight beam.Well, I hit that beam doing four knots. It stopped my boat dead!After she was on blocks and stands I rushed to survey the dammage.Nothing! Not even a crack in the gelcoat.No shifting of the ballest,no voids(in my boat anyway)
and no broken membrane.So much for the leading edge being thin.Also you make it sound as if IB boats have some kind of inadequacy in design around the keel area,in my years of fiberglass repair I find this not to be true.Anyway, I''ve never seen it.Nor have I seen shifting ballast.And not all of the IB boats have their ballest that low in the bildge. My Endeavour thirty-two draws four ft two inches and benith my two ten inch deep by two ft by two and one half ft floor compartments rests the sealing membrane to the ballast... very easily excessable!I think that if the membrane were to break, the only boats where it would be difficult to repair would be very deep draft IB boats.Anyway that membrane isn''t the only thing that holds the ballast in place.What about the back of the keel?And breaking that membrane won''t cause you to loose your boat.
While it is true that we did find some relitively small voids in some IB keels, this repair is simple.
About the daggerboards?You''ll never convince me of that.I''d have to be on the boat and see the whole thing with my own eyes and do the survey myself.
Well Jeff, as you know I just re-launched this morning(all went well thanks)and now I have a date with an island called Weepeckett.
Looking forward to a response,

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