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Re: Problem Turning Windward

CCriders just addressed the issue I thought no one was going to - the OP's original statement was something like 'won't sheeting the jib in tight help turn the boat into the wind?'

No - it will help PREVENT you from turning into the wind.
Small adjustments inward, with small helm adjustments upward will allow you to go to wind as well as possible with only one headsail. once you get to the point where you make helm adjustments up but get no response from the boat, that's as far to wind as you can get...trim the sails to that point, and live with it. (or raise the main)

I don't know if this will help or not, but it helps me.
Draw an imaginary line from the tip of your mast to the center of your keel. Roughly speaking, this is the point on which your boat pivots. If all of your sail area is ahead of this line, your windward performance will be very poor.
If all of your sail area is behind this line, you will likely develop a lot of weather helm as the wind builds, and will need to use a lot of rudder to keep the bow down - which, combined with the previous comment about small mainsail area makes the boat very slow.

Most of this has already been covered, but I find that visual to be helpful when making decisions about sail I hope it can help someone else.

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