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Re: Just beginning to shop around... would love feedback/ideas...

Another mini update. Yes, I am still living aboard. Woo-hoo!

Okay, so, I've been aboard for a little over 2 years.

Now that the newness has worn off? Still love living aboard. Even so, I have changed some views since I first moved aboard. So, onward into the fray!

Back when I first moved aboard, I planned to sail my Catalina C27. As it stands, outside of moving her to her new home, she's pretty much turned into a boat-a-minium. My excuses are pretty lame. But the primary excuse is that I did not feel comfortable trying to sail her alone, and don't really know anyone here in the bay area (outside of people who already have and sail their boats). So, I pretty much settled on learning to sail my walker bay. Because *I* wanted to be out on the water.

Since I wasn't sailing her, I decided to store the mainsail inside. Even with the sail cover, I figure it's better to keep it stored out of the elements, since I'm not using it.

Speaking of inside. Yes, my cozy little abode keeps filling up with *way* too much stuff. I've (sort of) returned to my weekend warrior coding projects. I've been playing around with Raspbery PI, face recognition, and AI. I have also been exploring 3D printing (yes, I have a 3D printer, too).

So... my present pie in the sky (i.e., when I win a lottery) plans are to eventually save up enough to go to the dark side. That is, to pick up a power boat, and keep my dinghy for sailing and putting around the estuary. Otoh, better the devil you know than the one you don't. And, after living on my cat for the past 2 years? Well, she's treated me well. Who knows what I might face picking up another boat? Oh well, like I said, "pie in the sky."

Oh and. Some other things. I've pretty much settled into marina life, too. Finally getting to know my (awesome) dock mates. Though, I must admit, I find myself feeling towards newcomers, the way some may have felt toward me when I first arrived... that is, wondering if they were going to be good, responsible neighbors, or the kind who do the nasty stuff... you know, such as pumping out overboard. And, I will admit, I much prefer the company of those who live here bc they *love* the life, as opposed to those who are here bc they see it as a "cheap" place to live. There really is a mindset difference.

Hmmm... well, that's about it for now. Now that summer is *finally* here, I will be spending more time out on the water than in front of my puter. :-)
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