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Very well said, Sasha.

Originally Posted by Sasha_V View Post
By the way, these poeple would rather you pulled out their fingernails with rusty pliers while dipping their feet in boiling oil and playing Barry Manilow on the stereo than admit that it is fear that paralises them to the dock. That renders them unable to cut off their atrophied dream and sell the boat, or to cut the umbilical dock lines and shore power and cast off.
They will never admit it, but if you listen for it, you will hear it in their stories, see the squint and turn-away in their eyes as you talk about your last sailing adventure a day or week ago.
And don't forget the every popular - jealously tell you how you don't have what it takes (in subtle ways mind you), because they know they don't! I've heard this one a lot since I started sailing, various people projecting their own fears on to me, trying to tell me how much trouble I'm in for, all the things out there that are going to eventually eat me, etc. A lot of it is because I am new to sailing and I am very open about that fact, so people seem to naturally feel they can give me advice. Which is great, I like to hear what people think. But most of this from people who own sailboats but never actually go out and sail them, or if they do it's just in the calmer waters on sunny days. Yet they are sure they know every little detail of what can go wrong ... and I suspect they do, to the extreme, and anytime you tell them your plans they are quick to put their foot on them and try to squish the fire out of it.

And of course sailing is actually dangerous. Most of the people out there doing it also say it's dangerous, but I don't usually hear them saying that in terms of telling me not to do it. They seem to say more that it is an acceptable risk that they were willing to take to do what they want to do, but they don't normally discourage me. In fact it's quite the opposite, sometimes they give me advice to do things that are a little beyond my comfort zone and try to encourage me to do things that I feel I need to work up to!

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