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Re: How many women here own their own boat?

Originally Posted by Multihullgirl View Post

Tell me this: why is it there's no cute little names for men aboard boats, similar to the 'Admiral' term?
Well. For one thing, few men are "cute", and the ones that are ususally aren't hanging about boats/yachts, eh? But, for the sake of the discussion, how 'bout suggesting some?

Originally Posted by Multihullgirl View Post
Tell me this: why is it that almost without exception, on the dock, men strike up conversations with us, and then immediately turn to husband, and address him, excluding me, if a question about the boat itself or something technical comes up?
Perfectly honestly, because in many (most?) cases, the women are participating in the sport because their boyfriends/husbands are although I have seen several cases where the reverse is true. Many times also, the subject of discussion involves technical/engineering issues that few, although not all, women are less likely to be acquainted with. Never-the-less, when a competent, knowledgeable person speaks of a matter in question, few dismiss their input simply on the basis of gender although some, no doubt, do.

Frankly there aren't many places, situations, et al, in human relations where one cannot find a presumably offensive "ism" if one looks hard enough, hence the stunning evolution of "Political Correctness" in the last few decades, at least in the USA. Often though, whether some word, term, phrase, or thing is offensive depends upon who, or what race, gender etc. voices same. Out of the mouth of a woman an offensive phrase voiced by a man is often viewed quite differently or even applauded.

N'any case, aboard boats, some of the best, tho' not strongest, sailors are women and they are readily accorded accolades for their accomplishments (although not by some men who are evidently embarrassed at being surpassed by a woman.) My wife, for example is an excellent helmsman (or helmsperson, or helmswoman or, on our boat "driver"). She can get and keep the boat "in the groove" quite readily and in our younger days I did get a laugh out of the frustration in the faces of some of our competitors in local races when we overtook and lapped them with her "driving" in her little "cute" bikini and flying ponytail (to which she attributes her ability to sense the wind, a "perfect tell-tail" as she still says).

Ah well. Enough for the moment, eh? Have a nice day!!!

"It is not so much for its beauty that the sea makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from the waves, that so wonderfully renews a weary spirit."

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