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Re: How many women here own their own boat?

Originally Posted by Multihullgirl View Post
You've got to be kidding me. Ten minutes of reading any sailing forum will tell you all you need to know about whether there is chauvinism in sailing... It's real easy not to see chauvinism when you're not on the receiving end of it... it ain't just me - husband sees it too - he's less tolerant than I

Tell me this: why is it there's no patronizing, pejorative little names for men aboard boats, similar to the 'Admiral' term?

Tell me this: why is it that almost without exception, on the dock, men strike up conversations with us, and then immediately turn to husband, and address him, excluding me, if a question about the boat itself or something technical comes up?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

It's not chauvinism. Usually it's the men who own the boat and who are using it and the women are along for the ride. And should a man pointedly ask the woman about a boat she knows nothing about, well he'd come off as some ******* trying to belittle her.

So you've got to be careful throwing around this idea. Plus, it just isn't cool to have a chip on your shoulder.

I've experienced exactly what you've experienced. I know much more about my boat (I own it, hubby has never taken the helm cause he's scared ) but he doesn't like to not know the answer. This means he rarely flips the question to me if this happens. I just let him yammer on. It'll be come apparent what he knows but he's pretty good at bullshitting. If I'm pissed at him, I'll correct him in front of people to get back at him.

Anyway, it only took the same guys who treated me like that seeing me take my boat out by myself once and instantly I had their respect. They asked if anyone was with me. I said no. Bam, they were talking to me like I was one of the guys.

If the guys we're discussing were actual chauvinist, they'd be asking me who the hell let me out on that boat? They'd be laying into your husband about how dare he let you take the helm or work the sheets cause "she's not capable" and blah blah. Or taking the helm or sheets from you, telling you it's because you're a woman and weak and should just sit over there and look pretty. THAT is chauvinism.

What you're experiencing is that the guys you're talking to are used to the woman just flipping her hair while perched on the seat and asking "what is that thingie for" or screeching about spiders. It's not really those guys' fault. It's all of those other women's faults who have no ladyballs and think life is about never messing up your makeup.

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