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I've posted to other forums here before and I've looked at this one but as sailaway points out few women join in. I think it's almost the same as taking the helm. Look at it this way ladies (those who are reading and not writing) no one will yell at you, tell you you're doing it wrong, your stupid, etc. So even if all you do is type in 'hi''s a start.

As far as my appearance Sailaway (see this is why guys don't need to be here) I hold my own against my own age group...but no one looks good in fouiles!

Aside from my own 'dock ape idiot' who supports my handling the boat...because he really doesn't want to take the helm.... I find all the men I've met, save one jerk, support me at the helm. Although my DAI likes to yell. I think many women don't take the helm because they don't want to be yelled at.

I've made some boo-boo's and I've left marks on the topside but I simple refuse to allow myself to be so embarrased that I stop learning. Besides, I know this is how men learn to do things. At least my DAI does. If he did it and it went's my fault, if I did it and it went's my fault. Thus, I've taken a page from the mens book on 'how to communicate'...I yell back at him. He's learning not to yell at me

Eryka, I love GULLS...we just have to convince the rest of the ladies out there that it's the truth. So, come on ladies, grab a cup of coffee...or glass of wine and lets talk!

Eryka, my blog's I only started it a few months ago, my thoughts were that maybe others could learn from my boo-boo's...

Melrna, I think you're right that others are wishing their wives/girlfriends would take a clue from those of us who take the helm. Maybe the guys need to look at the gear and adjust for smaller muscles? I'd love to hear about some of your time at the helm.

Thanks for the welcome all! Fair Winds!

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