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well said

I have to agree with you Jeff, after spending the morning argueing with the wife over all the accumulated stuff thats upstairs,downstairs,in the garage and upstairs in the garage and out in the yard we loaded up a 6x12 Uhaul trailer and headed off to waste management by the # we spent $100 dollars to throw away some pretty good stuff and we have not even put a dent in it !
I am at the age where I know the inevitable is comeing and I dont want someone else having to clean up my mess when I die,been there done that dont want to put someone else threw it.
So I plan on getting it down to a managable slight some and living a simpler life sooner or later...most likly later but Im heading that way.

I need to start "living the dream"


Originally Posted by SanderO View Post

I feel your pain and all I can say is if you are in the Long Island Sound area you are more than welcome to sail with me.

My philosophy is to have little and end with a zero balance... come in with nothing and go out with nothing. Fortunately, I have no children to worry about... but not pleasure from them either.

I grew up in the burbs and knew I would not want to live there and deal with owning and maintaining... be a slave to property. Instead I have my little boat which if it survives me can be taken over by another sailor.

It's hard not to consume and acquire. Our society produces some fine stuff to own. But even my books I read and give away if they have no use. Let someone else use them.

I also have perfectly good stuff which has no value and I hate to put it in a dumpster. Things like a Loran. A friend who was a pilot died a few years back and before he did he gave me all sorts of pilot gear... which I have no use for. I just found a young man who wants to become a pilot so I gave him the lot. He was thrilled.

We are a wasteful lot and only in the last few years has this message even been heard. I hope you find the peace you deserve in your sunset.

Thankfully my boat is paid for and in good shape, and insured, but all it takes is one screw up and ... there but for the grace of god go I.

Fair winds

sv shiva
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