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I feel so much better now. The wife gave me my shot and everything is turned around. I don't know what's in it, but it sure does the trick.

And the degree of support I've found here doesn't hurt, either. And no, I wasn't offended at all, that's just my Walter Mitty complex showing through. My real name is Norton and I'm a short pale Jewish chap that lives with his mom. All bluster if you get me.

One thing I notice in these posts is folks really aren't coming clean about where they are at; Are most liveaboards really well-heeled suburbanites slumming? If so guys like me would really like to know. I chose the lifestyle for many reasons, not least of which is I want to live free and thet means inexpensively; as someone observed, the more dough involved in anything, the less freedom accompanies it UNLESS YOU GOTS LOTS OF DOUGH.

Getting back to the original intent of this thread, I'm still thinking that as an alternative, inexpensive way of sheltering yourself, owning a well put together sailboat is probably not the best way to go. There are many, many boats that are worth far, far less, and yet would actually give you more when tied to a dock. One of my neighbors has a wonderful old fishboat hull that he built a small house on. It looks sweet, comfortable, and homey. He needs to tow it when he moves, but he never moves (which is interesting given that the harbour is a no discharge area).

And as for sailboats for cruising, there are some wonderfully inexpensive, well-built small boats that "can take you anywhere," boats that you might not even bother insuring. I wouldn't want to liveaboard one though.

Where th $$$ seems to come in is when you want a nice boat that functions well as a liveaboard and that you could also sail to Hawaii.

Basically, the more you ask from your boat, the more responsibility it entails., the more $$$ required.

I have a wonderful boat, but sometimes I look wistfully at the deranged hermit living aboard the disintegrating, listing scow that hasn't moved since WWII. You can bet he doesn't worry about coming up with 15 grand for the insurance company. No, he spends his days worrying about aliens from space, which as it should be.

I think I would be happy floating in an upside down bus, but then the wife comes into the mix; for her I would move ashore in a heartbeat.

Hell, I could live in a garbage can, popping up now and then to yell at the neighbors.

I'm thinking there might be a book in ghis, something I haven't read in anything about living afloat - what your money gets you. From a floating reef to a megayacht, what lifestyle you can expect with such and such $$$ and income. If I had that from the start I wouldn't be scratching my head right now.
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