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"When you have little, there is little to do, and you are left with a lot of time on your hands that you can't afford to fill with entertainment and distractions.
You are left with a lot of thought, observation, and ultimately yourself, which might be the scariest of all."

The "Good life" might involve growing one's own organic vegetables, which sounds simple but may be hard work unless one has money for power fuel repairs, healthcare etc.
I recently had a week on a tropical island. Beachfront bure. Villagers all know each other, simple life. Heard one of the women workers describing life ( as told to her) in Auckland. "They are happy all the time as they go out clubbing all the time."
In contrast one in Auckland described it as "they don't understand. We go to work in the dark and come home in the dark." (And both work to buy a house, send some money home, and give to the church.)
Ok sitting under a coconut palm (which is unwise) may sound appealing if stuck in traffic with a lousy job etc. Actually I lasted 4 days and flew home early. No power, no reading in 12 hours of darkness, no company, nowhere to go, and nothing to do. On a boat would be better.
Sure on one level if you have food and your bowels are working life is good, but we also have potential exposure to great intellectual stimulation, which some think is ok, but may not be that important especially if the first two conditions are not met.
Distractions may make it more difficult to think or encounter oneself (or easier to evade). But when you have done that, what then?
I quite like the sense of my place in the world in a boat under the stars, knowing I am 500 miles from anywhere, reliant on the boat. Of course some human company and love might come to be appreciated as meaningful too, depending, I guess.
Guess we all walk our own roads, but maybe come to much the same conclusions in the end.

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