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Okay, I'll jump in here. First off, I'm curious what kind of sailing background you have. I've noticed that people that buy big boats (and anything over 50' DEFINITELY fits that category) are usually either very new to sailing and think they need all that room even if it's just a couple, OR they are VERY experienced cruisers that have worked their way up through a few boats.
So WHY do you think you need a 53 footer?

Now, JMHO, but having seen people buy too much boat... you'd do well to consider something under 40' if it's just the two of you. Smaller = easier to handle, no need to rely on electric winches, everything costs less because it doesn't need to be as big or heavy duty and most importantly you can get a boat that performs pretty well and doesn't have Keel/Mast issues limiting your cruising grounds. Speaking of costs... if you're looking at an HR53 you probably have some $$$$ to toss around. If you don't really have that much money you can get cruising and go further on your budget w/ a smaller boat. If you really DO have big bucks, well, you can still go cruising and save some $$$!
Oh, and a smaller boat will be able to be single handed by your wife if YOU are incapacitated.
And if you are environmentally conscious... smaller boat = less impact on the environment.

Just my .02

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