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Originally Posted by soul searcher View Post
Sounds like you weren't that far out(count your blessings).
Actually, we were. Embarrassing admission: All I'd have had to have done was sight up the mast track, as every article ever written on the subject says to do, and I'd have seen the significant mast bend to starboard right off! Talk about a major "Doh!" And I knew this. Why didn't I do it?

Originally Posted by soul searcher View Post
I still would want to have it perfectly even side to side.
The main issues are that the mast is in column (it is now), has the optimum amount of pre-bend (which the guy that helped us put in), and that it's tensioned properly for the sailing conditions. Apparently it's not uncommon to re-tune the entire rig, depending on expected conditions. (Looser for cruising and in lighter air, tighter for racing and in heavy air.) It's also not uncommon for racers to re-tune the aft lower shrouds depending on air and tack.

Originally Posted by soul searcher View Post
and to know what the actual tension is. If for instance the rig is equal but only tightened to 8 or 10 percent, you wiill still be putting a shock load on it when you jibe or tack in 20+.

Originally Posted by soul searcher View Post
Get the loos, get it equal
Like I said: Everything I've been told and read about our rig says that what's most important is that the mast is in column, and that it stays in column under moderate load. (I'll be checking that latter as we sail her.) According to Bill Shaw (Pearson designer): That's all that's necessary.

That being said (take note, Sailormann and sailaway21): I'm a guy who likes to be able to measure things. I'd like to have a Loos gauge even if only to record the tensions resulting from the tuning she got last Sunday. So maybe I'll just break my personal piggy bank and get one. Haven't decided yet.

Originally Posted by soul searcher View Post
and start racing that boat. with speeds like that you would whoop every boat at our wed. race hands down.
When I related to the PO some of the speeds we were seeing (and the knotmeter isn't broken--the GPS [approximately] confirms what the knotmeter tells us), he said she's above-average fast for a P30 and a boat of her design and class. He said it sometimes happens in manufacturing that, for whatever reason, a particular boat just comes together "just so," and ends-up being faster than she's supposed to be. Plus he did some work, such as fairing the keel.

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