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Originally Posted by 121Guy View Post
More on the warranty support from Novis....

The current warranty manager there is named Andy Drumm. Over on Sailing Anarchy there is a thread discussing a new Jim Antrim designed 40 foot Class 40 race boat. The literature lists none other than Andy Drumm as the sales contact for the Novis 40!

This stuff would be really hard to believe if it wasn't so sad.
121 Guy,

I am not sure if you are making a dig at Andy Drumm or not. I do not think it would be fair to blame Andy Drumm or knock him in any way. I am sure he is just being pushed from here to there.

What I do find very disturbing though is that Novis' single warranty manager who has to take care of all of the C&C/Tartan user base is being given added responsibilities to sell a new class of boat. What is going on with that? When current owners don't hear back from Andy for weeks because he is 'so swamped with warranty issues' that owners are forced to go to Tim Jackett what in the world are the management thinking? Surely at this time Andy should be working client calls, not selling new boats (although we all need them to be doing that right now!). To know one young guy is the warranty manager, a salesman and also out commissioning boats for days on end is just indicative of what is going. (Yes, Andy spent days in the NE recently re-commissioning the split hull after re-manufacture!)

Again, I am not knocking Andy, but please whoever is listening, get Andy Drumm back in a role of communicating with current clients with broken boats to make the existing clients happy...building the goodwill!

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