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Re: Don't have to be rich to sail

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I've pretty much had the opposite experience with rich folks and boats. Any problem can be dealt with, in their mind, by just throwing money at it. When I needed to replace one plastic filter bowl for a Racor 1000FH, the owner sent me three (3) complete units! Duty was astronomical in the T&C and we had nowhere to stow those huge things.
One owner insisted that nothing should go wrong when he was aboard, even if I had to replace the engine every time, before he came aboard. A small fray in the genoa; order a new one! Another owner saw a vessel with black dock lines and "suggested" that they would look nice on his boat, a week or so after having purchased new ones.
It was much better before the tax law reforms of the late 80's, but still, quite often, when I needed some part, I received a complete new, replacement unit, from corporate, instead, at many times the cost. I probably could have made a much better living splitting the money I could have saved some of my owners, by handling the vessel expenditures, than I made as captain of their yachts.
That is what creates the huge surplus of extremely cheap, almost new used gear, to enable the rest of us to cruise so cheaply. Those who don't clue into this ,and buy everything new ,while complaining about the cost of boating, are just extremely dense, or being childishly snobby.
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