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Originally Posted by wind_magic View Post
The essence of it is to cruise inexpensively on the interest generated by your savings.
Hmmm, that assumes I have some. Which I don't 'cause it all went into the freakin' boat!!

I know how to make money. These days you have to try real hard not to make money; the economy is blazing and boomers are throwing around dough like popcorn at a re-release of Blazing Saddles.

However, I have to figger out how to make money and love what I'm doing.
I love to do a lot of things, and I can live with making money, but even after all this time I don't know how to fit them together. I thought that by living aboard it would free me up and that I would be done with that crap. Hah.
It's the wife's fault.
Time to open another beer and hit myself across the head with it once it's empty.
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