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Originally Posted by SEMIJim View Post
Particularly for a masthead rig, unless you race I'm kind of thinking the expense wouldn't be worth the performance gain one might realize. There are many, many other things of greater importance: Properly adjusted rigging, good sails and good running rigging (sheets, blocks, vang, outhaul, etc.) are far more important, IMO.

What an adjustable backstay is going to do for you on a masthead rig is to allow you to tighten the forestay (not sure how much that matters with a furler) and perhaps bend the mast a bit--perhaps allowing you to flatten the main a bit. The only time you're really going to care about that is going to wind in heavier airs, and, again, only if you're looking for those last bits of performance improvement.

Don't get me wrong: I sincerely hope I can either rescue our backstay adjuster or replace it. But I'm not going to cry (much ) if neither is possible.

Don't take this as gospel but it may be that the greatest advantage of the backstay adjuster would be in loosening the backstay and allowing more belly in the main in light to drifting conditions. It would also allow you to de-tension the rig when moored.
Given that we are a cruising boat the rigger has set us up for best performance in winds below first reef level. With the rig as it is now set up we can sail flatter when going uphill.

If I had a backstay adjuster then I would try and keep it. Even if you have stripped a gear , surely you can rebuild the thing. As an aside, when our anchor windlass sh_t itself everyone told me I'd need to buy a new one which was going to cost aud2500.00. Instead I spent a joyous few hours practicing my yoga in the forepeak whilst trying to get the damn thing out but having done so it ended up costing me aud500.00 for a new gearbox. Add in a new deck switch and deck pad and we are back in business.

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