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I'll buy that for a dollar.

There are two separate issues here. Blue water is the holy grail of all of us dreaming about getting out there. I will make a call when I get 20' over the bow, but it will be one of my buddies to say "THE DREAM IS ON!!!"

The second issue is soiling your pants and calling for help. I agree with USCGRET990 on this second part. There are people who are unprepared that are getting out there and panicking. I still steam about the guys that got help from the Navy in the mid-Atlantic earlier this year. It was nice they got help and lived, but they should not have been out there.

So, USCGRET1990, perhaps you're stirring the pot to start a thread. However, some of us haven't yet got out there but will. I will be prepared and I might soil my pants but nobody but me and my pants will know.


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