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Re: Give AIS a rest

Originally Posted by BoatyardBoy View Post

Not at all, my posts has been how it's easier for a smaller pleasure boat with no real schedule to alter course and give commercial vessel, large or small, some room so they can continue working. It's just courtesy. But don't get me wrong, I fully agree that there are bone heads out there, heck I went through the Academy with some that had no clue but they were smart so they passed the license tests.

I wasn't sure about your situation, which is why I asked. I run into this situation almost every time I'm underway with the commercial Shrimping boats. They don't respond to radio, are worse than the typical weekend warrior sailors in regards to no clue to rules, and they change direction without notice even after you changed your course to avoid them. These guys drag nets in the channel, right inside the jetties coming in from sea... the worst. I have to either reduce speed by half sometimes or come almost 90* either which way to avoid them. If you find yourself in a similar situation again, I would turn hard over and just continue perpendicular to his course till the ship is past. This way you aren't close enough to have to turn at the last minute or worry about which side he will pass you on. But hindsight right...

Oh Yea definitely a lot of terrible captains out there.. In any industry or sport or past time you always have those few people that bring the rest down.


In those cases, human error is always present. Always will. I had to do a presentation on a casually report of a collision between two ship in Galveston while at the academy. It's crazy how much they dissect the incident, everything and everyone is looked at.
You've got that right. I used to be in the commercial fishing business and know totally irresponsible fishing boat operators. They are working and usually don't give a crap about rules. Many don't even know the basic rules of the road and have a screw-you attitude towards any pleasure boat that happens to be in their way. It's just the way it is. It's a rough business. You have to give them a WIDE berth:-) I love it when they come through inlets, outriggers wide open.

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