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Replying to everybody in one go...


Comments noted. Crew is ever a problem--particularly experienced crew. We did note a lot of the boats out there that day did have a lot of meat on the rail. Boats not much bigger than ours had 6-10 people out there.


We have two jib car tracks, both mounted on the toe rail: The one to aft is longer. I left the cars on that and moved them all the way forward. Even all the way forward, that car was way aft of the clew. I doubt moving it any further aft would have accomplished much. (But putting a car on the forward track and rigging a second, temporary sheet on the run might've improved that. Didn't think about that at the time. Oh well, next time .)


Comments noted.


The main is a new-ish Dacron main. (The experienced sailor who helped us bend it on the first time remarked "This sail looks like it's hardly been used.") I asked the PO, and he used to bend it on only for racing. Otherwise he'd put the old, original Dacron main back on. Same with the foresails. However, he never replaced/upgraded the #3 and he never obtained a #2. There is another set of sails for the boat, that one of his crew made for her. A main, #1 and #3. The main and #3 I think are Kevlar, IIRC, and the #3 Pentex. We're waiting to hear back on what the guy wants for them. (Around the club they're telling us we should be able to get 'em for a song, as there's a limited market for them.)

In addition to the new main, the boat came with new, or nearly new, light and heavy #1's. The light #1 is Mylar and the heavy #1 is Kevlar. The PO said the former is usable up to about 12 kts and to use the latter above that.

I'm kinda half thinking it might make sense to obtain the Pentex #3 and have the heavy #1 re-cut to a #2 (probably 135%).

Your comments, re: main alone, were what I was thinking of when I replied to CapnHand.

Would love to have a wind gauge. But: 1. They're expensive. 2. From the comments I've seen in the thread I started in Gear & Maintenance, Alas, poor Wind Indicator, it seems the electronic wind instruments aren't very reliable, and are often inaccurate.


Don't have a Cunningham yet. It's On The List . We have a Harken windward traveler system for the main. It's only that we have to become more adept at getting the mainsheet and traveler right for each tack under different conditions.

Thanks for your comments, everybody.

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