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Originally Posted by PBzeer View Post
You seem intent on making generalizations, assumptions and creating stereotypes as you simply rephrase what amounts to the same post, over and over. I don't know if you're seeking some sort of ratification of your thoughts. Are possessed of rampant envy. Or just have nothing better to do.

People are different, and they make choices applicable to themselves (or should), not necessarily to conform to some illusional "norm". There's much worth pondering about this mystery called life, you seem to choose the least rewarding avenues.

This in no way signifies you are one thing or another, it's simply my view.
I find it interesting that you are able to interpret a question as making assumptions. What I have described is my experience. I wonder what that means, so I delve deeper and ask others about theirs.
That's part of community.

It is not the same post, just a similar subject but with a different focus. People are complex and as you point out, generalisations don't work. So the questions are subtly different. While class and mental health are related they are not the same thing.
I think I'm the best judge of what is worthy of my time in pondering, and if you don't find value in it, you don't have to post.

I am an artist and I have been a therapist, and so I've seen a disproportionate number of misfits. I consider myself one, FWIW, not least because I wonder about this stuff.

Some folks are quirky, some are just weird, and some are in fact dangerous. Some of us have varying mixtures of all three.

Living in a context where my cohorts seem quite socially isolated, I wonder about that. Have they been rejected and so reject? Or do they simply hear a different drummer as the cliche goes. Do people choose difference because they have to due to some inner need, or are they shoved out? Are they motivated by anger or adventure? Of course the answer is yes, but I bring it here because sometimes people are willing to be open to strangers on a forum like this.

Sure you can have a post on the best liveaboard marina, but that's old hat. How about a discussion on why we chose this life, aside from the obvious
How many folks here live alone on a boat because they can't stand people? It's a fair question. Why do we choose a lifestyle that's different, sometimes very different than what is typical.

I chose this life because I hoped for more freedom to write. And because I'm weird. I drive a VW bus painted in zebra stripes and fly a red baron kite from my backstay. I wear kilts and threaten to flash my kids when they don't behave. (Try it, it works).
I've always done things differently, and while there was a time when I was scratching at the windows of society trying to get in (weird is viewed with so much suspicion), I no longer care. I have a lot more fun than most people from what I can tell.
Living on a boat seems just one logical extension of this life.

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