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Originally Posted by JohnRPollard View Post

Fascinating. Nice photos. So, which did you choose for dinner and how did you prepare it?

Maybe it is a regional difference, but in my family we eat a fair bit of fish and only very rarely is it from fresh water. We mostly eat tuna (steaks, not canned, thunnus thynnus), swordfish (xiphias gladius), halibut (hippoglossus stenolepis), striped bass (roccus saxatilis), mahi mahi (coryphaena hippurus), sometimes bluefish (pomatomus saltatrix) if very fresh, flounder (platichthys flesus), and even codfish (gadus callarius). And of course, various salmon, mostly the Atlantic variety (salmo salar).

Most of the striped bass, bluefish, and flounder that we eat we catch ourselves. The others come from the fishmarket. I remember when we could still catch cod off the coast of New England, but that's rare now. The Portuguese fishermen that settled in New Bedford and Fall River were too good at what they did -- so the cod are very depleted. But I have heard promising reports that they are returning to the Banks.

Share a recipe?
John, my wife that day bought a Dourada, Guilthead, that she cooked au Sel.

We ask the fish market lady to clean the inside of the fish, BUT leave the scales on.

She also cuts the fins and tail. And leave the head on.

My wife the washes it, and sprays lemon inside, and adds a table spoon of butter inside, and sprinkles some parsley and coriander.

She then lays the fish in salt, and covers it all with salt, completely. The fish is cooked inside the salt.

She then bakes it in the oven, altough lately she's been usin a new kitchen tool I bought her called Thermomix, click here its a machine that cooks by induction I think ,and lately she has been steaming the fish. And the vegetables bellow it at the same time.

The result of leaving the scales on is that the fish stays very moist and tender, and when you remove the salt, that with the heat became a thick crust, it peels the fish skin off. The scales help maintain the moisture inside the fish.

She serves with boiled potatoes, sauted in butter with parsley and other spices I don't know the name.

She serves with boiled carrots. and we drink an excellet wine to follow.
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