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woohoo flame war .. let me get my marshmallows!

seriously, thanks for every opinion.. i did not mean to call into judgment anyone's choice of galley fuel. granted, i was a bit flippant in my dismiss of both of both propane and alcohol.

first off, i lost a friend in a triton to a gasoline explosion. he had gone over to fill up at the fuel dock in pago pago, then went back to his anchorage and lit a cigarette. sloppy yes, and gasoline is not propane i understand. technology with sniffers and sensors have come a long way since then (1976). but, technology breaks down, sensors fail.. far fetched? absolutely .. but when kerosene goes bad, it is just bad kerosene. i am trying hard to make my boat randall(me)-proof. not that i am such an idiot, but i want as few other things to worry about as possible. also in a pinch i can always run diesel through a kerosene stove, so i have an emergency back up fuel.

i get that propane is clean and instant on, but i am at peace with kerosene and it's foibles.

thanks JohnRPollard for the lead on Taylors, i may have a lead on an old Shipmate, but if that doesn't pan i will probably go with one. i certainly like the whole concept of the Wallas, but as above, i do not like relying on technology and putting a circuit board right next to a pair of 8500btu burners makes me skiddish.
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