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I don't get the conundrum at all; I hear what you want to do, I hear a rough idea of how it would go, so what's the issue besides it's something you haven't done and so don't know how that road looks like? You're obviously nervous, but that's a good thing; it means you're alive and contemplating something new. When we stop doing new things is when we start being a waste of space. Life means challenging oneself and seeking out new experiences.
As we get older we become more cautious, but that should just be a little wisdom that keeps (most of us) from doing really stupid things. A lesson that missed that 70+ dork suing his 19-year-old sprig for not doing the nasty with him.
But this is different. Fear is normal, caution is good, think about how to do it, and just do it. It'll work or it won't and you'll still have choices to make.
Keep living while you still have the choice.
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