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Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
What holds us back is the FACT that her mother is 93, and given modern medicine that means my wife will need financial support for at least 40 more years, so we keep the house, jobs etc. I don't expect I'll survive to get my first soc sec check (I've got issues, see other posts). Of course grandkids would bring us back from time to time, but that's doable
Not to hijack a thread, but b'Jaysus that is the damned saddest thing I've read in a long time. What the hell. You have your own life and you will make your decisions as a couple, but if I knew my mate was holding off on doing her dream because of me I would tie her up and flog the life out of her. And after we had our fun, I would really scold her for daring to use me as a reason to not reach her dreams. I sure as HELL wouldn't want that on my conscience.

If your health really is that poor, and this means that much to you...I mean, anyone can have a house and car and Kentucky bluegrass, but how often do people get a chance for their dreams? Name me anything else worth living for? A nest egg? Money? Long term security? And besides, who says they are mutually exclusive anyway?

It's awful noble of you to make that sacrifice, but does your SO know that you are making it for her?
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