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I don't know what became of them. Had a memorable last episode with them, however. The morning they left they were in a race to get underway before the PO/slip owner arrived. The PO is a real scalliwag and was trying to charge them rent for the slip for the period before they even took possession of the boat, and he was on his way at that very moment, driving down from Beaufort, SC. The Readers' Digest version of the story: Just before casting off, he asked me if I had charts of the ICW between here and Florida and for the Bahamas. He literally asked me this as I held his stern line in my hand. No GPS, no charts. Just a general idea of where they wanted to go. I gave him a set of ICW charts for Georgia and N. Fla which I had on my boat, and told him he could have them on the condition that he didn't take them offshore in that boat. He had a useable jib aboard, but the main was shot. Hope he didn't kill her. She was a 26 yo doll and he was a very heavy drinker in his early forties... the kind of guy who picks his nose and wipes it on his t-shirt. I remember remarking that his girlfriend was a looker. He said, "And she does as she's told." I don't know what she was doing with him. I remember her walking around the dock barefoot in a summer dress while he'd be swearing his ass off from the engine compartment on his boat. He didn't exactly have his **** together, and she just seemed like a young, lost soul.

A friend arrived in town last night, and we're going out later. It's blowing out there, Cap'n Bob. I have a Racor filter element arriving by UPS sometime today, and I might wait for it to get here. Been having some problems in that department lately. Got the call yesterday from the sailmaker. He recut my jib, beefed up the leech and sewed some on sacrificial cloth. Looking forward to a good weekend. Hope that head of yours is on the mend. Stay in touch.
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