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Originally Posted by Valiente View Post
One of the reasons we are going cruising for five years is because we deliberately want to keep our son away from our own culture during his formative years,
That is so incredibly sad .

Originally Posted by Valiente View Post
because we have real reservations about the values of our culture,
And this is in Canada, which, by all accounts, is less a social wasteland than the U.S.A.

Originally Posted by Valiente View Post
and about the way in which parents have ceded the responsibility of raising their children to the schools, television, toys designed to market other toys, and the sort of viciousness that thinks having a 9-year-old girl wear make-up, a belly-baring shirt and the word "BITCH" on the seat of her pants is "cute".
Hear, hear!

I am reminded of an incident a few years ago and a story from a teacher I know. The incident was two children playing on an escalator with their mother standing right there. This happened to be at Christmas-time. Finally, in their play, they bumped into me. I gave 'em "The Look." Stopped 'em dead in their tracks. Did their mother apologize? Hell no. "Grinch!," she said. I just turned away, it being the season and all. But what I should have done was read her the riot act. To include the prediction that if one of her little out-of-control darlings injured themselves on that escalator, she'd probably be looking to sue the store.

The teacher... A good teacher, if I'm any judge of character, who was just barely able to keep his job. "Why," you ask, "if he'd a good teacher?" Well, problem is, he tended to grade honestly--based on reality. None of this "feel good" crap for him. It seems the school regularly received demands from parents that the school force him to give their failing children good grades, despite the fact they hadn't earned them. This is in private schools, mind you. So the rot isn't just in the public schools, tho I suspect the rot is much worse there.

Originally Posted by Valiente View Post
Better to be on a boat, seeing how the rest of the world lives, while there is still a rest of the world to visit, and from which to learn.
Probably so.

Whatever you do: If the Canadian public school system is anything like what the public school systems in the U.S. have become: Keep the child out of it as long as possible. What these institutions have become can't be described in polite company.

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