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I have taught in one form or another in wellover 30 schools and it does depend on the schools but for the most part they are all horrible. It is tuff to help someone become a learner when you have 6 classes and 35 kids in each class. No matter how much time you spend planning, grading, and teaching you will never be half as effective as we should be. I have taught in schools where 70% of the freshmen were failing every single class. I had to teach them biology according to the No Child Left Behind Standards. This is when 95% of my students never learned basic life sciences and could have learned something of value to them if I could have taught to their level. We tell our kids to learn what we tell them they need to know instead of teaching them how to learn and enjoy learning. Our schools teach a thin veneer of informtion and don't give any depth. Just my observations.
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