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Joinery Separation - Help

Matt, it will be difficult to get exacting, helpful comments off a BB for this. But FWIW here are a few I''d suggest you consider:
1. No, this is somewhat unusual, not common.
2. Who tuned your rig? Is it possible it was overtightened and could be slacked off a bit, especially if you are in a seasonal climate area and won''t be using the boat in the near term? (Rig tension can do lots of funny things to a boat''s joiner work).
3. If the boat is new, who is the dealer and why hasn''t s/he been to the boat?
4. Don''t email Hanse; call them. Express yourself - be clear, insistent and request assistance. Have your warranty in front of you (assuming they gave you one). Quote them consumer law (see below). Whatever you do, don''t a) give up on the builder, and b) don''t close the door on the builder thru harsh verbage. Act in ways that keep them responsible.
5. The ''club'' you hold over Hanse''s (and perhaps the broker''s) head is the fact they are trying to create a larger ''presence'' in the U.S. market. Explain to them, in painful detail if necessary, how the U.S. is interlinked in a boating sense and how you either will be a satisfied customer or a really vocal, unhappy customer. You''d like to be that ''happy'' guy, but... (you get the idea).
6. Hanse is targeting several key markets and some of them happen to be where consumer law is quite strong. What are your rights as a consumer in your state? Do a little web research/phone calling and see what the law provides for you.

FWIW I purchased a Pacific Seacraft some years ago and the hull blistered so badly I could pull off strips of the gelcoat with my fingers; it was a mess. PS could have cared less...until it was boat show time and they found out I lived in Annapolis. It was *amazing* how helpful they were. That''s not the way you''d like to get assistance but it may be what''s necessary. Don''t underestimate the clout you have as a vocal consumer.

Good luck & keep us posted. I''m sure most of us think of Hanse as a quality builder.

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