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Sting said it.
You're weird and so am I.

Most people have a innate need to belong to a "tribe" or "herd." They buy houses and cars and get jobs in the city doing things that measure performance (success) on the same scale with those in their little circle.

People need to belong to a community.
People need to feel accomplished (worthwhile). I guess its kind of a Maslow Hierarchy-thing.

Those who select smaller tribes and communities are looking for something else. I call it wierd. But I don't mind being called weird. Liveaborads fall into that wierd catagory, but as many similarities that they may have - they have just as many differences.

My nieghborhood has a few poeple living on barges, some on power boats, some on sailoats. This creates an entertaining and rich eclectic range of personnalities, but I can draw from each of these folks. As funny as it may sound - I believe that the differences draw liveaboards together more than do our similarities.
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