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Originally Posted by CapnHand View Post
I think you could draw most of your conclusions from Jeff's very complete answer above:

Blue Water implications Such as?
Well, I'm not really sure. It seems that a lot of the boats that are generally accepted as "Blue Water Boats" have full or almost full keels. I was wondering if that just happens to be the boats I've been looking at, or if there was some particular advantage. Heaving to, perhaps? Had I read that heaving to is more effective in a full keel boat, and if so, how bad is it in a fin keel?

I don't want to wander too far in this thread into the "What Boat Should I Buy" conversation, because that really belongs in the "Buying A Boat" forum; but I'm trying to get as many variables sorted out before going that route.

I'm curious; Are fin keels better in terms of leeway because of better lift characteristics? ; because it seems somewhat counterintuitive otherwise, thinking that the full keel would put more resistance to being pushed sideways.
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