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I am precluded from buyin stock in oil companies that hold leases in the USA. I am neither a friend nor an enemy of the oil and gas industry.

Having said that, the oils spills that occur as a result of transportation accidents are indeed tragic and usually severe to the environment in the short term. In the long run (after 20 years), the effects will be a distant memory with hardly a trace, if any at all.

I don''t have an SUV, and I don''t want one. I do have a Porsche, and love it. Does it use gas - you bet! Do I care, yes, but I also like the way it performs, so I''ll pay the price for gas and grin and bear it.

Back to the transportation problem. So long as there is a demand for petroleum products, and those products need to be transported, there will be a chance of leakage. We all have to decide, how much risk is acceptable. If we say we want no risk, then we will have to learn to live with the energy supplies that are near to us along with their associated costs. Perhaps the transportation costs will be minimal, but the cost of extraction, and conversion may be rather costly. One of the reasons gasoline is so much in demand is because it is relatively cheap and (so far) plentiful. If and when another energy source gets to be cheaper than gasoline, then we may see a radical shift away from the use of hydrocarbons. Till then, don''t through out your car, or your oil-fueled electricity generating plant.

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