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Hi 928frenzy..

I must apologize for having posted my letter in a BBS which is not explicitly devoted to oil spills in Europe.. you are right.. but I thought this one was the one with more readers and that some could be interested, and those who were not would just click back and carry on with their business..

Having said that.. I can see you have no idea about this matter.. and no interest in learning about it.. so that''s it, forget my message and go enjoy your Porsche..

But.. if you care to know a bit more about it.. I would tell you that I bet my car is as German as yours.. as powerful as yours and probably faster (at least we can do 130 mph here in Spain).. which means we are not talking about silly things like not using gas or stopping the world because oil cannot be transported.. this is not cheap and politically biased environmental ********..

we are talking of a Russian bunch of cutthroats who chartered a crappy vessel which in spite of being a floating ruin had passed the inspection of the AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING.. and being owned by a Greek pirate who was responsible for the last 3 major oil spills in Europe over the past 10 years (namely AEGEAN SEA, ERIKA, and PRESTIGE).. to transport TOXIC HEAVY FUEL in a ship using a flag of convenience to skip safety and quality regulations and crewed by cheap slave sailors with no bloody idea of shipping..

THAT is what we are talking about.. there are ways to guarantee your Porsche gets all the gas you need across the Atlantic without killing the sea.. without ruining a country''s economy.. without rendering thousands of families unemployed.. and without harming the environment any more than your Porsche''s exhaust pipe does.. or mine.. which I''m not critizicing here.. (we gotta live with it till BMW''s hidrogen engines are widely available)..

The OIL POLLUTION ACT was a great thing.. for YOU.. but only applicable in US.. we are just seeking help to get one for the rest of us.. in Europe.. and in the rest of the world..

The worst of our nightmare is still to come.. and there is already another Greek crappy tanker.. as old and as unseaworthy as Prestige.. chartered by the same bastards.. already leaving Estonia.. to follow the same route, loaded with the same rubbish.. THAT IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST.. not your Porsche''s gas.. let''s transport fuel and oil.. but in DOUBLE HULL TANKERS.. MEETING ALL SAFETY STANDARDS.. USING SAFE ROUTES.. as American major oil companies do now.. after having been forced by US citizens to do so..

Best regards.. and happy sailing..

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