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when he mentioned that you had the wrong board, he ment that you would want to place this in the general section of this self same board, as opposed to the BUYING A BOAT section which is about people BUYING BOATS. whereas the general section would be a much better way to atract atention to the matter.

Oil spills are a tragedy of the greatest magnatude, however, SPAMMING on a bbs does very little to help the situation.

Were I to run onto a freeway and stop you to tell you about an oil spill, while you would probibly agree that it''s bad, you would also be rather upset that I was using the freeway, and taking your time while you''re on your way to whereever you''re going to do it. Likewise, you would most likley take offence towards me, and possibly my cause, as valid as it may be, simply because of my assanine presentation.

Your cause is proper, your method is not. I suggest limiting your posts to general purpouse, and environmental, or local based boards where it would be a relevent topic. Poor tactics on the behalf of a cause can hurt it as much as good tactics by the enemy.

oh, btw, I ride a 500cc bike. Faster than either of your cars, 60mpg, and $58 a year insurance. so :-p

-- James
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