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Best Keel for Coastal and Blue Water Cruising

While these coversations are very polite they are getting a little dreamy. Money is the major factor and if the price of a particular suitable boat is lower the demand will be there. Only a few people can afford luxury items and these may be more trouble than they are worth.

I still argue that the statement "you never know what will break" applies more to new boats than used boats.

Recently someone on the CWBB expressed an interest in a liveaboard sailboat under $40K and 34'' to 38'' loa. After a discussion the buyer seems to have settled on a Tartan 37 CB (shoal draft is a requirement here). The point of this is that the prices of T 37''s seems to have gone thru the roof! They used to be $45 K now they are $60K. This like the Sabre 34 mentioned I feel there is a sea change in the SIZE of starter boats.

Long ago we used to think our former boat, a C&C 30, was a neat little pocket yacht if you would. It certainly cost us a lot nearly new. Now we see oviously new sailors on new H 37X''s (whatever the #''s are).

We are used to having ice most of the time on our 35'' sloop, running a couple of lights at night and then retiring to bed. The most amps we use daily is in the 9-14 AH range. We eat well when coastal cruising and our food is fresh. But now generators seem to be running all evening in the anchorage.

To each his own but boats like SUV''s seem to be getting bigger all of the time with the 30'' group of sailboats left to drop in value while the bigger boats are in demand.

This reflects on the keel designs as bigger boats have deeper draft.

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