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There's a few of them out there design-wise, favoured by Bob Perry and Ted Brewer and a few others. They make the boat more expensive, which is probably the biggest reason they aren't more popular, but also because they are slippy enough for the performance cruiser/racer types, who want fins and spades, and they aren't "trad" enough for those who want a Contessa 26 with a thyroid condition, or who think everything made since the Westsail 32 is crap.

Wrong. Boats have never been as good as they are today. Unfortunately, those great boats are very expensive! There's a lot of boats out there also that are too lightly built to provide a safe or endurable ride for cruisers who have to anticipate poor conditions at some point. Of course, the proportion of boat owners who actually get caught in real gales or worse is extremely small.

I am growing to appreciate the sailing qualities of my semi-new full keeler (undoing a hundred connections in the engine bay yesterday contributed to this), but I consider myself relatively clear-eyed when it comes to its shortcomings, or rather insufficiencies in terms of desirable attributes.

We got it to hold the gear, tankage and provisions necessary for both extended cruising off the beaten track, and for comfortable anchoring. It's a cross between an SUV and a mini-van at sea, in essence, but there's a lot you can do in a mini-van that would be very difficult to do in any other kind of vehicle. I suspect when all is said and done, I will in fact make passages as fast as any others, particularly if I stay out in heavier weather making distance when other lighter boats have to slow down or turn back. I'm not talking about storms or even strong gales, but the 25-35 knots that almost all cruisers are capable of handling structurally, but which can be quite uncomfortable if not exhausting for some crews in lighter boats to handle.
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